St. Peter’s, Lurgan


Mass Times

Sunday: 8am, 10am (po polsku) & 12.00pm
Monday: 8am
Tuesday: 8am & 7pm
Wednesday: 8am
Thursday: 8am
Friday: 8am & 7pm
Saturday: 9.30am
Saturday Vigil: 6pm

A brief history of Saint Peter’s Church.

1829 – Probably as a …

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St. Paul’s, Lurgan


Mass Times

Sunday: 9am, 10:30am
Monday – Friday: 10am
Saturday 10:30am;  Vigil: 7pm…

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Lent Trócaire Parish Presentation from our CEO, Caoimhe de Barra

Please click on the link below to see a wonderful video and audio , it is a powerful testimony to the work of Trócaire.

It captures so well the reality facing so many people in South Sudan, Somalia and beyond. It is great to see our CEO, Caoimhe raising the issue of vaccine equity following the really passionate calls from Mike Ryan of the WHO during the week on the same issue.

The imagery and music is fantastic. The lent story of Awut and Ajak is told and we also reference the vaccine equity issue and Somalia covered in the 2nd half.